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TOD MARTIN leads the design and consulting studio Unboundary, which has a 25-year track record of helping organizations like IBM, The Coca-Cola Company and FedEx transform to act on what matters for modern success.
Tod is also the founder and co-organizer of TEDxAtlanta, and the organizer/ facilitator of the TEDx Southeast United States Organizers Workshop. Tod serves on the Board of Governors of We Are Family Foundation and its global teen leadership initiative ThreeDotDash. Additionally, he's also on the Board of Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP), which is the largest community-oriented photography festival in the United States, and a part of the Festival of Light, a global consortium of 26 photography festivals around the world.

TED Conferences

TED2013, TED2012, TED2011, TED2010, TED2009

Areas of Expertise

Design, Words , Turning ideas into reality

An idea worth spreading

"Most companies have only ever conceived of themselves as being in business. Most companies never deliver what really counts: making people, communities and society better off."

I'm passionate about

my wife and son, design, using my powers for good, helping others do the same, learning something new every day, potential, and making a difference

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what you love. I'll do the same.

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