About H



Areas of Expertise

Manufacturing Technology, Oil & Gas, green technologies

An idea worth spreading

Our understanding is yet to deliver any big and accurate image of the world and ourselves, so there is endless scope for any idea about everything. It's good to have structure for thinking but lets forget about limitation because "we are able to imagine". Thinking allowed!

I'm passionate about

Astronomy, philosophy, psychology and technology.

Talk to me about

Nature, global values, green technology.

People don't know I'm good at

New ideas about anything that seems interesting to me.

My TED story

Reality is, when you like to know about so many things, you think about a lot of things, and when you can't concentrate in few subjects, you won't succeed in your professional life because time is against us. Therefore you only can listen and enjoy stories of successful people in different fields and shout yourself " I knew the reality was not that, I knew it should be different, I could imagine that it works..." So welcome to TED.