Sxip Shirey

CHARM-Thirsty Girl
Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Ecstatic melody unimaginable sounds and deep sexy beats created on Industrial Flutes, Bullhorn Harmonica, Regurgitated Music Box, Triple Extended Pennywhistles, Miniature Hand Bell Choir, Obnoxiophone, Glass Bowls With Red Marbles and a clutch of curious objects.

A confusion of novelty, experimental and electronica, wild and entertaining.

As a solo artist Sxip has toured the U.S. as support act for the Dresden Dolls and performed at their two days festival at the Round House in London England. Had a hit show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia. Performs regularly at Joe's Pub in New York City. Has also performed at The Knitting Factory, Tonic, Makor and many underground parties in Broolkyn. This year hell be performing 23 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Sxip Shirey came to New York City when he joined The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus in the year 2000, This started him in a circus/theater direction and he composed music for Anti-Gravity and for the pyro-technic clowns of the Daredevil Opera Company, performing, composing and appearing at The New Victory Theater on Broadway, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Kennedy Center and the Sydney Opera House. His gypsy-tango-klezmer-punk band The Luminescent Orchestrii tours internationally and is part of the wild Balkan scene in New York City, their track "Amaritzi" is featured on the new Putumayo compilation "Balkan Groove". Recently as a solo artist he toured as host and support act for The Dresden Dolls for their fall 2006 US tour and at their two day DVD at The Round House in London. In New York City he performs and curates a high powered variety night called "Sxip's Hour of Charm" at Joe's Pub at the Public Theater. Last winter he composed music for "Marsupial Girl" by Lisa D'Amour for The Children's Theater Company of Minneapolis in a project developed with New Dramatists in NYC. He has also composed for works at the Ohio Theater, HERE, the Southern Theater and Inter-Media Arts in Minneapolis and has toured East Coast Colleges with the puppet theater piece "Savage Nursery" by Erin Orr developed through a grant from the Henson Foundation.

TED Conference


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blood is the only good adhesive in heaven

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live performance and the community it creates

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Sxip Shirey
Posted over 4 years ago
Sxip Shirey + Rachelle Garniez: A performance with breath, music, passion
It's been amazing to see the responses to this performance. Of all the pieces I do, this is the one that is the hardest to capture sound for. It is really a live performance piece that uses the room you are sitting in as a resonator. They were floored at TED when I performed this however, I was hesitant about them choosing this piece to post, out the three pieces I presented. I knew it wouldn't translate as strong to video. You can also see me looking up at the clock. I was rushed to get this piece in on time. I appreciate all of you who are getting underneath it and hearing what I am getting at! Many of you have been so eloquent defending it. For me, breath as "intimate sound made epic", is an incredible compositional device. Check the following film, some of you will get what I am doing more and some of you will still think Im full of shit! Which is fine! ;)