Garrett Hedman

Austin, TX, United States

About Garrett


Lead developer and creator of Cutie Bear.
Skills required: author, illustrator, animator, creative director, voice talent, marketer, and coder

An idea worth spreading

Rather than math, English, science, and art, lets teach students how to problem solve, enjoy life, seek and pursue opportunity, and be creative.

I'm passionate about

The day.

I'm an addictoholic. I've found interests in everything from the prefrontal cortex to slums in Mumbai. My current addiction (aka passion) is digital storytelling and science education.

My TED story

A student teacher of mine showed me a TED video 8 years ago, and I've been hooked ever since.

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Garrett Hedman
Posted 4 months ago
Christopher Emdin: Teach teachers how to create magic
As a white, Chemistry teacher who teaches at a 99% African American, urban-esque school, I have found that it isn't necessarily having an engaging delivery of speech that engages students, it's being authentic, having something interesting to teach, and having good systems in the classroom that will engage students. I've rapped for students before; they've loved it because I was myself, but I was also able to teach for the rest of the hour in a way that was conducive to learning.
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Garrett Hedman
Posted about 3 years ago
Jonathan Drori: The beautiful tricks of flowers
1. The personification of the plants almost convinced me that flowers have a personality. Love it. 2. I'm glad he didn't tell us why we should learn or why education is important even though I would think he has many thoughts on the topic since he commissioned BBC's first website. Rather, he gave us a window to appreciate the dynamic beauty of this world, which in turn reminds us how wonderful learning and education is.
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Garrett Hedman
Posted about 3 years ago
Bill Ford: A future beyond traffic gridlock
Talking cars coupled with Google's self driving cars will make driving a pleasure in the future. Also, you have to admit that Ford is lucky to have a visionary such as Bill Ford. He understands that company profits don't have to be compromised with global issues (aka gridlock and environmental problems). Yay for social responsibility!