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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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A 19-year-old Brazilian College student. At age 16, he entered Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro as a student of Chemical Engineering, but, after 5 semesters, he decided that Mathematics is his true vocation (that's what HE thinks...). He's currently waiting for a tranference to another University, where the mathematical institute is regarded to be better. Raised as a fundamentalist protestant, he remained firm to Christian dogmas until he reached the age of 18, when he became secular.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

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Reading, Playing the Keyboard, Listening to Music and learning languages.

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Filipe Ferreira Calvario
Posted about 4 years ago
Sunitha Krishnan: The fight against sex slavery
I can't see the problem in what Basso, Snatosh and Aryan have said. I abominate the idea of rape, and I'm sure they all do. People here are mistaking "understandable" for "justifiable". If someone said to me: "someone beat me up, and then I killed it " I would repudiate that, but I would understand it - the guy got mad and then killed the other. But then, if someone said: "some guy made me a favor, and then I killed him", not only I would repudiate it, but I wouldn't even understand it. What those guys meant was: raping a grown up women is execrable, but they might understand why one would do it. Raping a child is perhaps even more execrable, but they can't even understand why one would do it. It's just a statement of awe, not an approval of ravishment.