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Chuner Guo
Posted almost 4 years ago
Rebecca MacKinnon: Let's take back the Internet!
I totally agree with Dave. Usage of SSH and VPN is fairly common especially among young, educated people. We know enough to get around the great firewall and we are not proud of the sad fact that we have to do this in order to have access to a full, not-censored range of information. Fang Binxing, known as the Father of the Great Firewall, got hit by a shoe when giving a lecture at a university (NYTimes article: This says something, if not more, that we are aware of and continuing protesting internet censorship. I agree with the talk in that the internet is not a tool a government should use to control the people. We absolutely want to take back the control. But in our case it is a complicated matter. Please don't make assertions on this matter if you are not fully aware of the true situation, since it will be very irresponsible if you happen to be wrong. Just so you know, I am currently using a paid VPN service, and I don't think the police would bother arresting me.