Jessi Arrington

Designer / Color Enthusiast,
Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Jessi


I love color. No, seriously, I LOVE color. Especially rainbows. I scour flea markets and thrift shops of the world, giddily feeding my obsession. I work as a graphic designer alongside the coolest people on the planet via my company, WORKSHOP, and my workspace, Studiomates. I have amazing friends and a ridiculously supportive family. My name is Jessi Arrington, and I'm a pretty lucky so and so.

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2012, TEDActive 2011, TEDActive 2010

Areas of Expertise

Graphic Design - Identity / Web / Print / Illustration, Color Theory, Vermicomposting, Flea Markets and Thrift Store Shopping, karaoke

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about the environment, design, color, family, friends and WORKSHOP (the company I founded with my husband, Creighton, and best friend, Josh).

Talk to me about

Talk to me about rainbows, beginner's yoga, creative co-working space, being married to your business partner, Italy, the Kentucky Derby, resource recovery, TV, costumes, dancing, and Airstreams!

People don't know I'm good at

Costuming and set design. I'm the lead singer of a Bea Arthur tribute band. I tap danced for 14 years.

My TED story

WORKSHOP has been working with TED for 3 years now. We love all things TED. TED Active 2010 changed my life, and I can't wait for 2011!!

Favorite talks