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Andro Dgebuadze is an entrepreneur, consultant, IT specialist, teacher, and former musician. Most recently, he developed "Alive Guitar", an iPhone application awarded for "The Best Multimedia Project" at the GITi conference in 2011. He also was a TED speaker at TEDxTbilisi event. He received his MBA in 2001 from Open University, UK.


English, Georgian, Russian

Areas of Expertise

Software Development, Business Consulting, LEAN Thinking, Anthroposophy

An idea worth spreading

My idea is to share our subjective experiences regarding how to actually be creative. (Had a TedTalk on TEDxTbilisi).

I'm passionate about

Philosophy, Spirituality, Technology, Art. In fact everything which makes you re-thing, re-feel and re-build the inner and external Worlds.

Talk to me about

Creativity, Lean Management, Philosophy, Anthroposophy, Software Developmet, ERP, Yoga, Jazz, Snooker,

People don't know I'm good at

Philosophy, music, mouth trumpet, singing, Software development, Lean Management

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Andro Dgebuadze
Posted over 1 year ago
Richard Dawkins: Militant atheism
Total pleasure to listen to this art of argumentation, logic and expression. I wish I could listen his position regarding consciousness, spirituality (not religion), sense of beauty and justice.