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First author of the book "A World That Is Turning Green: Intelligent Solutions on the Ecology of Commerce" published by Science Press in Jan., 2012. Founder of VisavisNet (www.visavisNet.com) - a visual media group sharing eco-business intelligence, since 2009.

My Linkedin profile: Http://linkedin.com/in/xiangdian.

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design new business with eco-system thinking

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social entrepreneneurship, science and new technologies, eco-thinking, eco-business intelligence, writing, photography

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anything you think we both are interested in

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Product Marketing Management, Photography in black & white, Sewing, TewChiu dialect in South China & South Asia

My TED story

A TED video on the topic of happiness was recommended by a good friend of mine from Canada in 2007, which immediately amazed me once I watched it! Later I became a TED translater. In 2010, my team and I referred to severalTED talks and illustrated some highlights in them to share with our readers in a more visualized way. In 2012, I got a great chance to meet 8 very creative TEDx curiators from 8 different countries in Hongkong during a leadership exchange program. That was quite an unforgotten experience by observing the coaching for speakers and participating the event of TEDxLionRock. In 2014, I gave a TEDx talk in Suzhou... In a word, from the first time I knew of TED, I felt connected with TED. Thanks!

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Xiangdian, Emma Chen
Posted almost 4 years ago
Yang Lan: The generation that's remaking China
It feels like seeing things through a vague and a little bit twisted mirror made by the speaker. If you already have some background knowledge about the stories she brought out on the stage and the speaker herself, you might get a different impression like I do. For example, when you heard of China Red Cross, you might suppose this is a NGO. No, it isn't. When you heard of a huge number of somebody's followers on a Chinese twitter, you might be deeply impressed. Wait, such a number doesn't refer to the true followers. If you know the connection between the speaker and this China Red Cross or the Chinese twitter, you know why she would rather not explain further. "It's very complicated to explain", she said. I can't say this video is misleading, I don't think it's that serious. Just like many other comments above indicate: It's out of point and lack of original ideas. That's why it is less inspiring than many others on TED.
Xiangdian, Emma Chen
Posted about 5 years ago
John Maeda: Designing for simplicity
When technology meets art, simplicity is the goal, but the way is complex. That happens to be my daily work now. I love working on it, while feel trouble with it. Nice talk! Would love to learn more from his book. thanks.
Xiangdian, Emma Chen
Posted over 5 years ago
Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action
Intersting! Is it a coincidence that the name of the engineer J.R. West who designed Bullet Train mentioned in this great video is the same of the company J.R.West which represent "Japan Railway West" that built Shinkansen (Bullet Train) in Japan? (Edit: just realized that was a misunderstanding from the Chinese subtitle translation...so, it was not a coincidence. J.R.West is the name of the company in Japan. The engineer name is Mr. Eiji NakatsuMr who worked in J.R. West. ) :))