Evelyne Peeters

Organizer, TEDxYouth Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Evelyne


I work as a trainer, both at highschools as well as for national public organisations as the national police force. I organize projects at highschools in which we encourage the students to open up their minds, stretch their ideas of 'what is reachable', and encourage them to realise their dream. These programs reveal the enourmous potential all youngsters have. As the saying says: It takes a village to raise a child... But it takes an open mind to build on your dream and reach your wished goal! The mission of the schoolprograms is to awaken awareness amongst youngsters that they can achieve their desired goals in life. Each one of them can realize their dream for their future. Sharing bold ideas is just the starting point. With the TEDxYouth team we organized in 2014 the first 'Start Up Day', a vivid experience for young entrepreneurs to start their own business. February 7, 2015 we will organise the 5th edition of TEDxYouth Amsterdam in the futuristic Eye Film Museum, eyecatcher of Amsterdam. The theme is : Faces Of The Future.


Dutch, English, French

Areas of Expertise

education, Reality Shifts

An idea worth spreading

The famous words of Walt Disney: "If you can dream it, you can do it."

I'm passionate about

Stretching the mind. Look differently at what one is told to be the limits of realizing a dream.

Talk to me about

TEDxYouth programs at highschools. Projects where youngsters are at the steering wheel.

People don't know I'm good at

Sports where water is involved. I love swimming, skating, sailing and scuba diving.

My TED story

In 2009, the first TEDxAmsterdam conference inspired me profoundly. The very same day I started playing with the idea to organise a TEDx event for young changemakers. In 2010 the first Dutch TEDxYouth conference was the result of that thought. A great chance to introduce TEDx to many youngsters in The Netherlands. Next to 'Ideas Worth Spreading' it's all about 'Ideas Worth Doing' at TEDxYouth Amsterdam. A goal that we achieve through a comprehensive workshop program during the TEDxYouth day. In the following years many youngsters shared their inspiring thoughts and ideas with peers during this TEDx day. Next to that, many of the speakers of the TEDxYouth Amsterdam conferences were sources of inspiration for older generations. TEDxYouth Amsterdam is evolving into a youth conference that also inspires local politicians, business (wo)men, teachers and educators. But most of all, TEDxYouth is a catalyst and a source of inspiration for young Thinkers and Doers.

Favorite talks