Manuel T. Ortega

Executive Producer and Director, Best Fit Square Production
Half Moon Bay, CA, United States

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BA - Music; MA - Psychology; 11 years music teacher; 25 years B2B tech sales, training, coaching, mentoring and consulting. Creator and author of sales process "Sales Achievement DNA."


English, Spanish

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Social Media and technology, Video - Directing, Writing, Editing, Cinematography, Producing, Blogger

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Form Habits, Produce Results. Tiny Tweaks, Big Payoffs.

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Daughter; Knowledge; Music; Film; Helping; Challenging dogma; Progressive policy.

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Google+, Video, Music; Marketing; Business; Technology; Science; Sports

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Film making; photography; creating; piano; percussion; music composing; unconventional thinking.

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Manuel T. Ortega
Posted 3 months ago
Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We’re not ready
this presentation spoke about post breakout treatment… not one word about prevention… this presentation was about protecting an outbreak from spreading… a circumlocution for 'reaching us'? not about avoiding an outbreak from harming 'them'… now to expect Mr. Gates to eradicate global inequality is unjust, above his pay grade what we see here is the thinking of global influencers at work, them vs. us… lets not become casualties of the underserved, disenfranchised… this is unforgivable… perhaps Mr. Gates is unconscious how elitist, lacking in compassion his presentation was… more insidiously, perhaps he did and does… after all he was completely in a comfort zone retelling his family stashed goods away in their basement in case of nuclear attack... how many of us had the means and life experience to fondly recall this privileged life experience… if yes, then you are likely the beneficiary of being born, as Mr. Gates was, into a privileged situation… for most of humanity such is not the case... there are those who have the power though lack the will or worse.. to address the cause not blame the victim to do the right thing… not obfuscate their role in said preventable bio-disasters… as Mr. Gates so eloquently presented...