Manuel T. Ortega

Executive Producer and Director, Best Fit Square Production
Half Moon Bay, CA, United States

About Manuel T.


BA - Music; MA - Psychology; 11 years music teacher; 25 years B2B tech sales, training, coaching, mentoring and consulting. Creator and author of sales process "Sales Achievement DNA."


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Social Media and technology, Video - Directing, Writing, Editing, Cinematography, Producing, Blogger

An idea worth spreading

Form Habits, Produce Results. Tiny Tweaks, Big Payoffs.

I'm passionate about

Daughter; Knowledge; Music; Film; Helping; Challenging dogma; Progressive policy.

Talk to me about

Google+, Video, Music; Marketing; Business; Technology; Science; Sports

People don't know I'm good at

Film making; photography; creating; piano; percussion; music composing; unconventional thinking.

Favorite talks

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