Fernando Soares

Biologist - Environmental Permit Analyst, Florida Institute of Technology
TrĂªs Coroas, Brazil

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English, Portuguese, Spanish

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Conservation Biology, Environmental Education, Environmental Management and Impact Analysis

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Technology is life's doing..

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Life, children, nature, the universe, the human mind, science...

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Technology, the spread of life across the universe, education...

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Teaching, Translating, Working in the field

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Fernando Soares
Posted over 4 years ago
Hans Rosling: The good news of the decade?
Mortality index is calculated based on number of deaths per 1000 born. This number falls when among a thousand born, less died. Therefore, mortality cannot go down BECAUSE women have less children, as the reference number is still the number of children born. I say they go hand in hand because of several causes and Hans is showing this means development. Women have less children because they are educated, and less children die, probably because of the same factor: education
Fernando Soares
Posted almost 5 years ago
Mitchell Joachim: Don't build your home, grow it!
It seems to me these are wooden houses, with the exception the wood is alive. Well, isn't the fixed carbon on dead or alive trees the same? The green stuff eventually falls and is decomposed anyway. It just seems way simpler, faster, cheaper, cozier, and prettier to work with sustainable forestry and green roofs. The "meat" idea is plain weird. All in all this is one bold experiment to stimulate thinking outside the box, but I would not recommend letting it influence public policy.