Chris Zimmerman

Boca Raton, FL, United States

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Founded GSIP, a real estate development and management firm specializing in asset repositioning and green development. I love architecture - buildings, houses, you name it, I have a passion for design and building.

I am also a longtime martial artist and practitioner of Chinese medicine (Tui Na). I haven't worked at it professionally in a long time but I maintain my skill and still treat the occasional friend or family member when I need to.

I am an avid reader, I like books on science, spirituality, philosophy and business and some occasional fiction. I also love travel, music, and great food!

Happily married (to Jaci), dad to amazing 13 year old son (Daniel), live and work on the East Coast.



Areas of Expertise

Environmental Systems, Property Management, Property Development, martial arts, Tuina, Kabbalah, Meditation, technology, Energy, Nootropics

An idea worth spreading

The world will transform immediately when our consciousness changes.

I'm passionate about

transforming both the inner and outer world of the human landscape for the better... exploring and improving the relationship between our consciousness and our world, and between one another.

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How we can overcome the limitations we perceive as real

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Chris Zimmerman
Posted about 3 years ago
Is "sustainability" even possible under our current monetary paradigm? I submit that it isn't. Our monetary system demands obsolescence!
Thanks Judge! Consider this - let's say that I have a business that makes cups. Do I make the "best cup possible", one that lasts virtually forever? (Which is well within our current technological capability by the way) No, I will not. First I evaluate the cost of production, and I can only afford to make the cup that can be produced for less than what I sell it for. Thus "sustainability" can not be the primary concern here at all, but rather "profitability". Moreover, in this example, if I were to make a "perfect cup" that never needs replacing, I have no need to produce more, and therefore I am out of business. My bills and expenses keep mounting long after my profits have stopped. The only way I think it can happen for us is if we demand sustainable goods and services from our providers, while socially embracing the TRUE cost of sustainability - and that is, collectively assuming financial responsibility for the great men and women that can provide our world with these goods and services. If we continue to leave these people at the mercy of our economy, they will be forced to continue providing us with sub-standard technology...for a profit! :-)