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Anne Huang
Posted over 5 years ago
Michael Sandel: What's the right thing to do?
I just want to say that people should definitely check the rest 11 episodes of this amazing series, which in total is an entire course taught at Harvard. Sandel is one of the best lecturers I have ever seen. I devoured all 12 episodes (that's 24 lectures) in one single day! The course isn't about Utilitarianism; it's about morality and justice and Sandel explores other schools of thought such as Libertarianism and Egalitarianism, words that I never thought I would even begin to understand before I watched this series. He explains things so eloquently and somehow manages to engage a class in the thousands in lively discussion and interactions. Also worth mentioning is that he is doesn't let his own beliefs stand in the way of explaining and even defending other philosophers. I didn't even realize that he is known for his criticism of Rawls until I looked him up yet Rawls is one of the philosophers he lectures about in great detail. I hope he never stops teaching!