Mark Dawes

Clinton Global Initiative - Informal Waste Sector
Cincinnati, OH, United States

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Owns Brand Journey Group, a new business start-up accelerator/incubator. Entrepreneur in Residence for Procter and Gamble. Owns Dawes direct, LLC, an innovation strategy consultancy.

Brand Journey Group is creating new space as business start up incubator. BJG outsources new business start-ups for large companies, develops the business to a size that enables the business to be effectively “reacquired” and harmonized internally. BJG also develops new businesses for entrepreneurs who want to shield their emerging businesses from distraction. Finally BJG supports organic new business creation. BJG is developing two start-ups for General Mills.

As EIR for Procter and Gamble for six years, worked with over 60 new business creation teams and their leaders on the journey towards developing new billion dollar businesses. So, far two of the businesses have launched: Home Collections under the Febreze brand and Tide Dry Cleaners. Several more are moving through the launch process.

Dawes direct, LLC does innovation coaching from three perspectives. First, strategic coaching and mentoring of business leaders who need to create new market categories and new business models. Second, help these companies develop new metrics, standards and best practices that are relevant to the new spaces they are creating. And last, Dd helps leaders develop new governance regimes in the new spaces. Innovation in governance professions, metrics, standards and best practices is just as important as innovation in science and business models.


English, French, Latin

TED Conferences

TED2016, TED2015, TED2014, TED2013, TEDActive 2012, TEDActive 2011, TEDActive 2010, TEDActive 2009, TEDActive 2008

Areas of Expertise

Innovation Strategy, Disruptive and radical innovation, New business creation, Portfolio Management, Market & Brand Strategy

An idea worth spreading

We are in the midst of a secular advancement in technology. People and people systems will rapidly become the gating element in business, science, government and culture. We need to shift the focus away from how many "cool things we can do" to how we can absorb the many "cool things" that are out there and needed.

I'm passionate about

Rule breaking business models and creating new markets and categories.

Talk to me about

Starting new businesses, categories and markets. Let's teach your innovators to develop rule breaking business models and accelerate new market development.

People don't know I'm good at

I can back a 54' yacht into a 16' slip in nothing flat - left handed.

Comments & conversations

Mark Dawes
Posted over 4 years ago
A conversation with GE: What are the best ideas for alternative energy management at home?
There are already a host of emerging technical solutions and new ones coming along almost daily. I saw your panel discussion at CES and have visited with one of your co-panelists since - Neil McPhail from Best Buy. I think the big gap in getting this market and movement started is in the business model as presented to the consumer. I feel like the current model as a "do it yourself" home ROI based model is too hard to grasp and uncompelling.for most people. Consider an alternative lens/approach. The home budget is owned and operated by women, not men. The DIY model is very male-centric. I think we need to re-engineer the consumer presentation at the retail level and target women. This will mean that we need to reframe the model in terms that motivate and inspire women. At a minimum a transformative home energy solution will involve both home decision makers. Here's a nugget to chew on - discovered by an all female design team at Volvo - "Designing to meet the needs of women will exceed the needs of men." Assume its true. So if the home energy business model is designed for female home budgeters,it has the chance to meet all needs. I discussed this with McPhail and his colleagues at BB and they are intrigued. In fact they may see a way to re-configure the presentation through the Geek Squad and their Magnolia "store-in'store" concept to re-present home energy management. Love to chart more. I can be found through the TED community. Mark Dawes