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Longmont, CO, United States

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Circuses exploit animals! We don't have enough information about conditions of animals life in circuses. Zoos - too. Animals are a part of our life. We must respect they as ourself! Animal do not deserve to live in the cages! It is similar as racism and slavery. Yo can ask about slaughters? This one serves for our survive, remember starvation in almost half of our planet, but we can use another ways for fun.

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quantum physics

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Parallel calculations with posibilities of automatic scalability. How to show all world on the screen of a computer

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Andrey Novik
Posted over 5 years ago
Michael Sandel: What's the right thing to do?
We should look in moral aspects on each case, but not only consider a philosopher theories. We have not any theory, which explains our world and our behaviour. Dostoevsky said something about worth of the tear of a single child and happiness of the entire world. Could you live in happiness after you have eaten your fellow? Can you forget a fat man after you killed him in order of rescue other five? Who gave to you right to convict one for rescue another? What we should do - ask a God about any case. I wish everybody never face with such kind of choice.