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I have been meeting interesting people since year 2000, I have a degree in TESL and I always look for new challenges in my life. I decide to move out of the country I was born to find a place in our world. I'm trying to make things happen in my country. I am married with 3 beautiful children and I hope I can leave a better world for them. A world that begin in my neighborhood and then my city, then my country, my continent, my world. It's all about small changes.


Catalan, English, French, Spanish

TED Conference

TEDActive 2013

Areas of Expertise

Speaker-Meeting&Event Facilitator-Open Space/World Café, Facltitator

An idea worth spreading

Create a space to facilitate ideas, I believe that you need an environment to nurture and help idea to be implemented. We have hundreds of new ideas, it's like a seed if you put them in the right ground it will be a nice plant.

I'm passionate about

Team sports, building a community that cares about people

Talk to me about

technology, new ideas, places, travel, languages, rugby, entrepeneurial spirit, politics, immigration

People don't know I'm good at

having things done, listening to music, creating an strategy for an idea, speak at radio talk shows

My TED story

My first contact with TED came from a person inside TED. That was the spark that I kept inside. Until I met a nice group of people. First we were having conversation via twitter, we had in common: twitter and Andorra. One day in 2010, We decided to meet in person and I proposed the idea to create the first TEDx in Andorra, as we all believe that they are many ideas worth to be spread. Our first one was in 2011

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Felipe Gallardo
Posted about 1 year ago
How do you build offline meaningful social connections?
Let me explain my experience. We live in a very small country, we are 70.000 people, yes smaller than your neighborhood. Our TEDx organizer group started from a twitter conversation. We decided to go offline and meet for a coffee, That was the spark. our first bay step to start walking together, then we decided that we wanted to organize our first TEDx . This friendship trip started with a common project. We didn't have something in common to start with, just twitter talks. We have done 4 TEDx event for our community. My advise, if I may, Create a purpose and be yourself. That works.and give baby steps one by one, don't hurry We had people that joined us at the beginning and they left, but a great good of people keep working together and being friends. Without this common action we would have never become friends