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my name is Miroslav Varga. I'm an awarded Croatian IT expert specialized in SMM (social media marketing) and SEM (search engine marketing) for promoting a company's product or service. I'm a mechanical engineer and have a master MEUS - Master of European science degree. At the moment, I live in Osijek-Croatia with my wife and our four children.

Osijek is a baroque city on the far east border of the former west-Roman and later Austrian Empire. It was on the border line of west/east Roman empire, Austrian/Turkish empire and with cities and civilization's settled here more than 4500 years ago (during the great pyramids time) - Vucedolska kultura, Bjelobrdska kultura.

An idea worth spreading

Who hit the target, misses everything else

I'm passionate about

My family, gaining knowledge, teaching and training other people.


Zagreb, Zagreb University

Talk to me about

Physics and mathematics in plain language. Especially why we use u dual theory to explain Light? If it is just a part of the electromagnetic specter, why we use corpuscular theory only for light?

People don't know I'm good at

music - especially accordion

My TED story

Love the idea, the concept and the results. It's worth to participate as much as you can

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Miroslav Varga
Posted almost 3 years ago
Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
Great Talk Amy, and thank you for sharing it with us. What bothers me is: 1. Are there studies that show a comparison of behavioral changes as a result of artificial change of hormone levels (e.g. I take a pill that increase my testosterone and decrease my cortisone level) and my 2 minutes body influences? 2. How long does the effect of 2 min body influence take place on affecting the mind - e.g. When should the therapy star again? 3. Is there a significant difference in mind influence if I the body exercise is done privatly or in a group (e.g like group gymnastics)?