Stephen Baker

President, Baker Design Group, Inc.
Boston, MA, United States

About Stephen


While pursuing my passions for design... the following happened:

Raised near Seattle, I designed and built houses to put myself through college, but longed to move the East Coast to see how they approached the profession. In 1984, at the encouragement of a group of generous mentors, I moved from Seattle to Boston to advance my design experience.

Prior to founding my own firm, I had the privilege to working and learning with some great Designers:

- Project Architect with Moshe Safdie & Associates for several projects including the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles, California.

- Led design team in collaboration with Renzo Piano's office to build an Aquarium and Exhibit Museum in Genoa, Italy for the Columbus Exposition (500th Anniversary of the Discovery of America)

- Designed classrooms of the future at Harvard Business School to set a new standard of technology integration in teaching and learning. These new design standards were soon adopted by universities and corporate training centers worldwide.

- Led design team to Master Plan 150-acre Waterfront in Bremerhaven, Germany

Baker Design Group, Inc. (1997 to Present)

The firm Baker Design Group, Inc. was created to bridge the design disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Exhibit Design, and Planning. Our diverse background of experience helps us define the design connections and opportunities that lead to breakthrough results and innovations for our Clients.

Common to each and every project is the pursuit of thoughtful design solutions that deliver high performance results in the areas of sustainability, energy performance, timeless materials, strategic programming, design originality, and a strong return on investment. Baker Design Group's design delivery method and collaborative spirit have created opportunities for us to work with Clients in twelve counties. Each project embraces the unique nature of the region, community, and culture, while delivering world class results to fulfill project ambitions.

Below are a few of the exciting projects the firm is currently working on:

- TripAdvisor World Head Quarters, Newton, Massachusetts
- Unilever Executive Training Center, Singapore
- Academic Innovation Center at Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island

GatherEducation (2012 to Present)

- Founded GatherEducation to address the need to unite the passion of teaching and learning that occurs each day in the real world, with the online world. The software program has been warmly embraced by many educators and students. The mission of GatherEducation is to fill the void that Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) face in personal engagement by utilizing leading edge technology to create a highly personal connection within the online education community.



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TED2014, TED2013, TED2012, TED2011, TED2010, TED2009, TED2008, TED2007, TED2006

Areas of Expertise

Architecture, Industrial Design, Planning, Exhibit Design, Interior Designer

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Trying everyday to conduct some random act of kindness.

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Helping people achieve results beyond their expectations.

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Any idea that brings diverse and talented individuals together to solve problems.

My TED story

I've attended TED since 2005, and each year I have always left the conference with an unexpected life lesson or inspiring personal experience.