Adrian Dinu

Student, University of Bucharest
Brasov, Romania

About Adrian


English, French, Romanian

Areas of Expertise

History & International Studies, Political Science, Political Philosophy, Psychology (general) , Climate Change, History Medieval and Renaissance, HIstory of Science and Architecture

An idea worth spreading

Ultimately, I think that each and every one of us must believe that one's potential is limitless, that one can be whatever one chooses to be. I also believe quite a lot in the power of curiosity, though some say it might've killed the cat: I just can't help wanting to understand why something is as it currently is, what chain events led to the current situation. This means understanding the past, History, as well as understanding, or at least trying to understand, people, through Psychology.

I'm passionate about

Well, I'm passionate about History, Political Science, Psychology, and I greatly enjoy playing voleyball (used to be a pro player) and football ( soccer) .

Talk to me about

Well, I really enjoy talking and reading about many different topics: history, psychology, politics, international relations, football, tennis, personal development, coaching, human resources etcetera

People don't know I'm good at

I'm a pretty good swimmer as well as a sports commentator. Yes, they don't really click with one another, that's true. Being an analytical, well-informed former pro-athlete tends to help, I guess :)

My TED story

Well my TED story is just beginning. To be quite frank, my prime reason in joining is to dust the cobwebs off my English skills, since they're beginning to suffer from a certain lack of usage. I also view this as a way to keep in touch what's happening on the world scene, as well as a way to help other people stay informed by translating various talks. I hope to soon have enough pleasant things to report about TED (after properly exploring it and what it has to offer) so as to have quite a dilemma when choosing what to incorporate into 'My TED story' so as not to exceed the word limit. Cheers and expect this section to suffer further edits! :)