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Upon completing an Artistic 7 Year Journey around the world with a sculpture resembling a Giant Screw ( https://vimeo.com/50293985)
I have dedicated my time to brig Creativity to I'ts limits hoping that there; perhaps, it will reveal its secrets, its DNA.

Visuals Workshops for the Blind ( https://vimeo.com/50355878)
Growing Sculptures
Collaborations with scientists (Time is Running In)
Working with Palestinian Dancers and Sculptures
(https://vimeo.com/50356596 )

They are all an attempt to touch different aspects of Creativity' which hopefully after discovering some knowledge regarding it, could be used as a Social tool for change
"I'm sorry to say,
There's nothing in my biography that prepared me
to the dubious role of artist or creative person.
Even worse
I testify unequivocally
that nothing in the processes I engaged in yesterday
or a decade ago or a year ago trained me for those of
today or tomorrow "

(Raffael , "The Essence Within Form ",2007)


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I am a Sculptor doing every thing possible to touch the impossible which brings highly guality mistakes to be a major part of my life. .

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