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Myron Koster
Posted over 4 years ago
Tony Porter: A call to men
For me as a man it's simply not about being a role model in any way! It's about doing the things that feel good. If you live according to the man box thought pattern, you won't find the girl which loves you because of what values are in your core. Do what makes YOU feel the best possible, in any given situation and leave anything and anyone else out. Don't be afraid of ending up alone, for it's only this fear that makes you feel sad about it.
Myron Koster
Posted over 5 years ago
Jamie Heywood: The big idea my brother inspired
That's a great point, but I think it's fairly easy to solve actually. Just link the account data to something that's identical to you as a person, like your bank account number or your ID-number. What a great potential this worldwide connection gives us! And networks like this will get even bigger and so better, the diversity and the competition of the different social (patient) networks will make it solid as a rock in time, don't be afraid for problems it will strengthen the foundation. It will be a choice between privacy and honesty in the end, I'll chose the second. Thanks for this inspiring video.