Valentina Méndez

Simultaneous Interpreter
Montevideo, Uruguay

About Valentina


Brought up in the UK. Currently living in Uruguay.
Simultaneous interpreter at conferences and high profile negotiations. Translator. Corporate Business teacher for top executives: private bankers, accountants, financial advisers, lawyers and the pharmaceutical industry in Zonamérica (Free Trade Zone Uruguay)

Simultaneous interpreter for:
The President of Uruguay Mr. Jose Mujica and the European Union.
The President of Uruguay and Mr.Ban Ki Moon (Gral. Secretary of the United Nations)
Conference interpreter in negotiations between MERCOSUR- EUROPEAN UNION.
High profile negotiations for top executives in multinationals
Tourism: Ministry of Tourism in Argentina for the Director of Foreign Affairs.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Cancer related clinical trials. Medical prospectus and website for Laboratory (
Literature: Carlitos Paéz book of the plane crash in the Andes in 1972 ("Después del día 10").
Inedited poems by Pablo Neruda for The Pablo Neruda museum in Uruguay.
H.P.Lovecraft stories adapted into adult comics (
Movie scripts
Collaboration for Harley Davidson Latam website
Legal: bankruptcy procedures and contracts
Oil & Gas: Uruguayan presentation for "Rio Oil and Gas 2010"
NGO International Secretariat, Brussels, "Defense for Children International"
Essays presented at Wharton University.
TEDtalks: "Craig Venter unveils synthetic life". Review of "Why the world needs Wikileaks", Julian Assange interview.
Dubbing: Voice- over for documentary on environmental issues for IRC, Canada

Corporate business teacher in Uruguay:
General Director of Commerce: Ministry of Economy and Finance in Uruguay.
AFP (Agence France Press). Amedrugs Corp. BBVA Bank, Morval Vonwillers Bank. Merril Lynch. LGT Latinamerica. Assist Card International. Niremix Trading.
Presentations course for SABRE Inc. Ferrere law firm. In-Style digital marketing
Time-management coach for Lanera Santa María.

References available upon request

Areas of Expertise

Pharmacetuicals, Businees and Corporate Development, Legal, Literature & Culture, Finance , Oil & Gas

I'm passionate about

Languages and people.
Training horses

People don't know I'm good at

Languages. Helping people to communicate.

My TED story

I wanted to contribute to something larger than myself. The country where I live sometimes is quite far removed from the rest of the world. I use TED talks to show my students what is going on out there, and to show them their potential in another language, and they love it! I´m a TED fan.