Guido Quadvlieg

Entrepreneur, Synergy Kinetics
Heerlen, Netherlands

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Dutch, English

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Social and conservation entrepreneurs, Concept Development, Entrepreneurial Coach, Startup coach, Life and Career Coach, Entrepeneuring, Workshops & Trainings, Social & behavioural research

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I'm a profound believer in human capacity and simplicity. Simplifying entrepreneurship for the masses by creating clarity and synergy.

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Please talk to me about interesting ways to engage people into participating in lifestyle changing concepts.

My TED story is the place where I can recharge and be inspired! Since I stumbled upon my enthusiasm only increased. In my opinion these sincere and uncorrupted talks without commercial motives need to be spread as much as possible to benefit us all.

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Guido Quadvlieg
Posted over 5 years ago
Gordon Brown: Global ethic vs. national interest
It's up to the people to create this world that we want to live in, not our governments. It's taking the matter in our own hands that will get us through. It's not that politicians creating (Global) ethics is impossible. It's just that they're track record throughout all history has very little to show in their favor. The most profound changes came people who already regarded themselves as world citizens and who were seeking for and creating improvement rather than waiting for governments to resolve the issues. TED demonstrates how individual creativity and synergy amongst those individuals is the key foundation of good changes in all of our societies. At first, spend your time on deciding what you want to focus on. Then act on it. What is more likely to be the most effective; - creating change by influencing our governments, or - creating change ourselves. I chose the second option. I hope others will to.