Pascal Delamaire

Paris, France

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Born 1962
Web born 1997


English, French, Russian, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Web Communications, web site creation, Web 3.0 Visionairy, Shiatsu massage, Qigong, Project Management, planning and Evaluation

An idea worth spreading

Use TEDTalks in schools !

I'm passionate about

Traditional Chinese Medecine

My TED story

Since i discovered, i have tried to listen to at least 2 lectures per week.
I have been puzzled, enthusiastic, moved, touched, rolling on the floor laughing, and some of my preconcieved ideas have been shaken.
And i LOVED IT !
I try to do my best at translating some of the talks, so they can be shared more easily.

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Pascal Delamaire
Posted almost 4 years ago
Technology can improve life - even dramatically - but to believe that it is the panacea of poverty or hunger is flawed.
Don't forget that the Maslow's model works for a) occidental b) educated people. In other cultural environments, it doesnt work that well ! IMHO, i tend to agree with Christophe : What we call our "needs" are mainly determined by the reptilian part of our brain. Greed is. Tendency to protect the little ones too. Breathing too. I believe that, the same way we can train our breath or our heart to beat slower, we can work on ourselves to understand and change those natural tendencies. ( as long as we do not have to work as slaves 15 hours a day, and struggle for our daily food !) Technologies are just tools for us to change our lives, and others' ones. The way we use them depends of our goals. It reminds me an argument between Kar l Marx and Augustin : The 2nd affirms that if you change the human being first, the world will change. The first that the world has to be changed first, to change the men...