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Kailua, HI, United States

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Global Photographer filmaker writer photojournalist teacher. interested in all aspects of creativity and networking as well as ecology and alternate energy Networking in learing and exponential positive change and innovation and idea sharing. Creativity

An idea worth spreading

We have not yet begun to understand our unlimited potential Copying Nature's co ordinate system and co creating new dynamic biosystems and creative synthesizing realistic and yet inpired design and teachnology and communications with a green and sustainable juicy foundation.A solar civilization with photosynthetic capacities and water oriented technologies borrowed from Natures design treasure trove.

I'm passionate about

All forms of creative empowered groups and ideas Unlimited creative empowered concepts and healthy living. Ocean and Solar related lifestyles and play (sports) pcreativity outside the box

Talk to me about

Every inspired idea that is fun playful and exciting.Co c reating new networks and social media and link them togehter. new designs in green and earth oriented networks.new forms of business concepts

People don't know I'm good at

At one time the worlds most published photographer.Synthesizing concepts and creativity.Using imagery and storytelling to share the comprehensive picture.using renewal and rest to cahrge the observer

My TED story

I am witnessing with all of you the evolution of a new method of creative innovation and sharing which no king or potentate has ever had access to I feel we all mutually value this beyond explanation.it is something of a sacred trust. TED is an excellent vehicle for complex propositions adn creative potentials. where we take this is up to each of us. Even if all we do is breathe easier adn relax more into this process called life. I personally value the bio photons of Nature and Solar photosynthesis and the foundations the basics of life. the technologies only serve the purpose of distributing the basics equitably and fairly and still rewarding creative solutions that can work and which really inspire.

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elan star
Posted over 1 year ago
Malcolm Gladwell: The unheard story of David and Goliath
Love this new book by Malcolm Gladwell Especially this soptry that opens it. Gladwell always gleans such relevant stories and anecdotes and data. The key theme here is so important for our times in which it seems the resources of the creatives and middle class and others are so limited that there is not adequate ability to respond to well enforced and funded organizations and monied interests. In fact collectively we have a power far exceeding any known element. especially when you add the networking abilitiy and its effect on global sysnergy I suggest getting the audiodbook version of David and Golitah . I have reviewed it on Amazon.
elan star
Posted about 2 years ago
Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley
Ken is talking about creativity and flexibility not ultimate answers. No one is suggesting simple answers just highlighting the failure to address the real issues and it is not just in schools but throughout society AND at the same time immense creativity is adjusting the view and the goals (when creativity and new insights are embraced and utelized effectively) Humor is lovely as it is not rigid just observational. You are left with your system as is and you are all free to innovate or leave it entirelyand no it is NOT easy ...especially without creativity and renewal. So Sir Ken is not suggesting easy solutions just reminding over and over that creativity and diversity is a key. Read his books to really get his wide perspective. Read the books ...20 minute TED talks are not enough to contain broad ideas.