Ren Wan

Co-Founder - Chairman, JUPYEAH
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

About Ren


Previously Senior Features Editor of WestEast Magazine and Contributing Editor for Beijing-based monthly magazine MING, I am currently a freelance writer serving multiple publications in Hong Kong and Mainland China. An out-and-out colonial child and particularly concerned about environmental issues, I co-founded JUPYEAH, Hong Kong's first local organisation hosting swap events and an online platform to engage the public in a cool, green lifestyle that favours reduction of waste and excessive consumption.


Cantonese, Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise

Translation & Interpretation, Writing/Editing, Copywriting & Editing

An idea worth spreading

Our world is full of theories and complexity; yet to live life we just have to be back to basics and be loyal to our intuitive thoughts. Rationality comes from simplicity. I believe it's the golden rule in measuring anything. Therefore whatever you feel like doing that you know is right, go ahead and never give a second thought. That's how miracles happen.

I'm passionate about

environment, politics, literature, art and design, real-life stories that exist around us.

Favorite talks