Paul Bohnert

TEDxLethbridge Curator, Southern Alberta Community of Environmental Educators
Lethbridge, Canada

About Paul


I focus on the three latest waves of innovation that has arrived upon western civilization. Technology, Environmental Awarenss and Responsible Citizenship. I have been a public educator for twenty years and shared with groups across North America. I am thankful to be represented by people of character who bring with them eclectic vantage points including, aboriginal, agricultural, community, economic, educational, environmental, family, industrial, religious and political leaders from across southern Alberta and around North America.

TED Conference

TEDActive 2010

Areas of Expertise

Environmental Stewardship, Responsible Citizenship

An idea worth spreading

Responsible citizenship requires the three 21st century waves of innovation to work simultaneously to engage youth, community, industry and our leaders. The idea of combining the advantages of technology, benefits of environmental stewardship and the simplicity of community engagment is a solution to the future. The right combination of these three will prevent and counter the potentially harmful 21st century tsunami quickly approaching.

I'm passionate about

Responsible Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, Technology and engaging the youth of North America.

My TED story

I was introduced to TED in 2000 and have been a avid follower since then. I have introduced TED Talks into my high school and middle school classrooms and shared them with thousands of other community members through the Southern Alberta Community of Environmental Educators and the Southern Alberta Youth for Environmental Education. I am the Curator for TEDxLethbridge (2012), TEDxYouth@Lethbridge (2012), Co-curator for TEDxULeth (2012) and past Curator for TEDx Banff (2010). I have attended four other TEDx events in my area and had the pleasure of being part of TEDActive 2010 in Palm Springs.