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TED should somehow be involved in politics.

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Vlad Emil Petrea
Posted about 2 years ago
TED should one day, in some way, be involved in politics.
I would just like to put everyone at ease by emphasizing that I'm not suggesting that TED, or any of the speakers, should be politically active or have any political interests. All I'm suggesting is that we, the people who benefit from TED, should be able to apply (perhaps through vote or some other, more enlightened system - hence the someday, somehow) the great ideas that TED helps disseminate. In other words, when Ken Robinson speaks about education reform, we listen, then vote on a concrete solution (e.g. the arts should have as much weight in the curriculum as the sciences) and the government should enact the vote's outcome. A form of direct, yet democratic rule by the people based on ideas and solutions coming from specialists who have no political interest. That's what the government should do, just manage and apply the will of the people, not decide for them (which is kind of what's happening now I think). Please excuse my potentially naive way of looking at the political system. I do not have a lot of political experience, but I do notice that something is amiss and would need to change.