Photis Petratos

Glyfada Athens, Greece

About Photis


I was born in Australia..Finished high school in Athens .Studied Sociology in Athens University of Social Studies.(PANTEIOS).I am now working in a completely irrelevant to my studies job (chef) but i have maintained my passion for knowledge..

An idea worth spreading

I believe that through skill -luck games(like poker) someone can achieve higher levels of self dicsipline and his efforts can become more effective generaly in life because any game of this kind simulates to qualities nessesary to real life.Luck and probabilities are basic parameters to everyday life..Skill and strategic analytical thinking are nessesary to make quality decisions under conditions of incomplete information.The interesting fact is that when you use skill and strategic thinking towards making quality decisions effectively, in skill-luck games ,the same time,you are putting yourself in a "luckier" position.A similar idea to this is that the basic purpose of children games (or even animal games)is knowledge and self-dicsipline,through interaction.Games contribute to knowledge.Maybe we should put more games in the educational process because that is the natural way to learn..Maybe its time to see education from another point of view as Sir Ken Robinson says

I'm passionate about

Quantum mechanics,piano(i am a pianist) and skill -luck games like poker.and gin rummy.

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