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Kostas Karpouzis
Posted over 3 years ago
effects of violent video games on aggressive behavior
From the point of view of games research, two of the main focal points are transfer and reward systems. In the first case, the question is whether players 'learn' which actions are needed to win the game (get higher scores, earn badges, etc.) and then 'transfer' them to real life. In serious games this is actually a measure of how well the game teaches, combined with whether the player will perform the same 'good' action in real life, without any actual reward (whereas within the game, players are rewarded with points, badges, XPs, etc.) I think that the real question, especially for younger players, is whether violence is promoted as a means to achieve one's goals or increase one's status: if this happens in the player's family and/or school, then the game is merely a trigger for violent behavior in social settings. If it doesn't, then the young player should be able to differentiate between what's needed to perform well in the game and outside.