Neuza Pedro

Researcher/Professor, Institute of Educarion, University of Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

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Educational Psychology, Researcher at the Institute of Education-University of Lisbon teaching E-learning and Research Methods in Post-graduate programs. Main research fields are Teachers' Professional Satisfaction and Motivation, Teacher Training in ICT, integration of Learning Management Systems in educational context. Current research interests are related to Teacher Professional Development, E-learning, Innovative teaching practices, 21st Century Skills and new learning theories, Social network analysis and online communities.


English, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Educational Psychology, ICT in education, E-learning

An idea worth spreading

Teacher training up-grade : what today’s teachers need to know? Ask the students!
Higher education institutions that are responsible for teachers training (inicial training and in-service continuous training) develop their graduate and post-graduate programs many years ago, based on a presently non-valid notion of school.
Today students are different so today schools must also be different. New skills are required from today teachers, mainly, 21’s-century competences, the skills needed to act in a connected digital world.
But what truly are those skills? What to today’s teachers need to know? No one is a better position to answer to these questions than the kids. So, ask the students:
.“What do your teachers need to learn/be taught for become a great teacher in the present days?”
. “If you had the power to decide what content should be put in a teacher training course what would you pick?”
Their answers can be use to help universities 'upgrade' their teacher training programs.

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