Anshul Tewari

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth
Noida, India

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I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, which is an online platform for young people to express themselves on issues of critical importance. We are a team of over 600 journalists from around the world, making best use of new media tools and online journalism skills to reach out to the youth at a large scale. We also run an online journalism internship program which is a community service to coach and mentor young people in online journalism skills, reportage techniques, editing, research and ways by which one could address critical issues and problems. The underlying aim is to engage youngsters in participatory, collaborative journalism and spread awareness. Previously, I have worked with the Indian Express newspapers and The Wall Street Journal, India - and am a social media consultant.


English, Hindi

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Journalism, Digital media, New Media, entrepreneurship, Social Media

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Passionate about engaging dynamic individuals in collaborative journalism by making best use of new media technologies. Also about promoting entrepreneurship - a key to develop a nation.

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All things digital media, journalism, entrepreneurship,

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Comments & conversations

Anshul Tewari
Posted over 4 years ago
will online conversation make huge difference?
Great question. There are two aspects to this: 1) Freedom of expression and 2) Positive-collaborative action. Online conversations give you the right to freedom of expression. If ethical, it can engage communities in enriching conversations and journalism that is fruitful for creating awareness and stirring the right kind of emotions. But, it must be followed by positive action. As you said, otherwise the conversations will be redundant. One must follow up with action that affects the local and hyper local communities. I believe there must be multifunctionality to not only TED but many such organizations. Its good to talk, better to act.
Anshul Tewari
Posted over 4 years ago
For startups, is it Ideas or Execution that matters most?
Both matter a lot. If you have a great idea and you don't execute it on time then it might not remain exclusive. Procrastinating an idea or even waiting for the perfect time, or sometimes, waiting for a co-founder might just end up making the idea redundant. Thus, if you have a great idea execution is of utmost importance. Just execute, and the things will fall in place. Having said that, one must not execute until the idea is fully developed. Launching a half baked idea might lead to shutting down of the startup, having no clear vision or goals, or even more. Thus, again, both are important. One thing I would like to add is, if you bring in external funding chances are that your idea will be tampered with, but trust me, if you are clear about your vision/goal and the void you are trying to fill with your startup, you must not let the idea be tampered with. Just stick to it, it will work out.
Anshul Tewari
Posted over 4 years ago
Should Governments start to measure what really matters to people - their happiness? Or should they stay out of such a private matter?
Of course they should. Look at Egypt, had there been a proper two way communication channel, and had the issues of the everyday citizen been addressed, the situation would have been different. Similarly, for any nation to develop properly and fully there must be 100% transparency. It is the key to a civil-democratic society. Innovative technologies must be put to use for this. Probably, developing social media channels for easy public accessibility and understanding, outreach programs and events that engage communities, local redressal programs, etc.