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Tom Proost
Posted almost 5 years ago
Sebastian Seung: I am my connectome
Don't forget we wouldn't only master solutions. These solutions would come from thoughts beyond or own comprehension, which sounds like a dangerous thing to me. Nevertheless, a talk that really excited me and got me thinking. Good research, amazing potential.
Tom Proost
Posted about 5 years ago
Craig Venter: Watch me unveil "synthetic life"
Although we start to understand part of the nano level, we still have a long way to go (fe: the actual working of the inside of a cell, see David Bolinsky's talk). Apart from that, we also don't understand a lot of the systems and structures made with these 'nano' parts (fe: brain interactions). We've still got a lot of work ahead to fill in loads of gray areas. I think you drawing the conclusion that because we don't understand death life has to be dualistic is way to many levels of assumptions at once, cutting too many corners.