Damien Boisbouvier

Student & Knowledge Management Trainee Consultant, Airbus Operations - France
Toulouse, France

About Damien


English, French, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

General engineering, Knowledge Management, Strategic Intelligence, Complex Systems - Modeling, Design, and Modification, Mind mapping

I'm passionate about

Information & Knowledge, Philosophies, Sciences (especially cognitive ones), Sustainable Development, Juggling (Toss, Manipulation & Contact), Go Boardgame, Percussions & Didjeridoo

My TED story

I came across TED via the juggling community and the talk by Michael Moschen on Rhythm and Motion (A good one : See my favorites to find it !) ... something like 3 or 4 years ago.
Since that time ... i never stopped keeping an eyes on the new releases (on old ones too) and spreading the word on that website to whoever wants to hear it !