Ion Emil-Alexandru

Bucharest, Romania

About Ion


Work in progress. I hope to fill this space soon

An idea worth spreading

I am thinking about converting my car, which uses a gasoline engine, into an electric car which can be recharged at home from solar panels or wind power, thus creating a sustainable clean example for commuters like myself who use their cars almost daily. More trust in electric cars can be obtained with the help of design (electric cars should be more beautiful or at least normal looking, normality and simplicity should also be considered objectives in my country rather than the flamboyant selfishness of things, but this is another issue...) and with the help of a complete sistem, a clean renewable energy sistem providing enough means to power a commuter's car for at least fifty kilometers. Solar panels put directly on a car were my first option but having solar panels at home, on the garage or on the roof sets, I think, a good example. Helping to create a clean environment for a clear conscience. I don't sell solar panels, I'm just a little obsessed with this idea.

I'm passionate about

I study and practice design at the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism. I also study the history of art at the University of Bucharest. These are my best passions fot the moment.

Talk to me about

Education, history, design, art, sports

People don't know I'm good at

Running, skateing, writing a review, plaing chess.

My TED story

The simple truth is that TED was intoduced to me by my aunt via email, for which I thank her. I found interesting ideas here, well spoken ideas, and I found a talk that I particulary liked so I translated it, since then I watch at leat one TED talk a week.