About Eric


I'm an asian guy actually living in Paris.
I'm 24 and want to give a contribution to the world progress by translating some TED talks.


English, French

An idea worth spreading

Eole Water is a company who find out a way to produce drinking water from a windmill.
This breakthrough concept, invented by a french guy, has the power to solve water problems in the thirld-world countries and prevent what specialists called the "Water War".

Here is the website : http://www.eolewater.com/

The company is looking for investors to industrialize the product.

I'm passionate about

Learning and sharing ideas that will change the world.

My TED story

I've known TED concept through the Web Guru Guy Kawasaki who wrote a blogpost about a great performance at TED from Majora Carter on Urban Renewal in New-York. It has been a tremendous speech. That's why Guy, in his article considered her as good as Steve Jobs. I then saw tons of TED talks and applyed for being a translator. What I am now :)