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Dan Konzen is an esteemed educator and corporate leader with over 20 years of leadership and organizational change experience and over 12 years of strategic development with broad experience in all aspects of financial, risk, knowledge management, and the strategic development and application of innovative technology solutions for multiple organizations in both profit and non-profit sectors. Mr Konzen has direct experience with strategic corporate governance, application systems and database development, content management system development and implementation, enterprise resource planning applications, administrative and financial software implementation, financial consulting, litigation and claims management, profitable underwriting, course design and development, knowledge and learning management, and faculty mentorship and administration.

Mr Konzen currently serves as the Chair of Financial Planning and Control at the School of Business, University of Phoenix, and has over 90 course approvals in graduate and undergraduate business.  Additionally, he serves as adjunct faculty at several other universities with numerous undergraduate and graduate course approvals.  During his tenure he has numerous publications and presentations on technology, social change, and personal development. Dan also serves as President on the Board of Directors for Jazz in AZ and serves as an advisor on several additional boards.  Prior to this he served as director of finance, as chief financial and risk officer (CFO/CRO), and as acting chief information officer (CIO) of national warranty and administration companies.  He is currently pursuing his PhD in Walden University’s Applied Management & Decision Sciences program with an emphasis in Leadership and Organizational Change.  He holds an MBA (Honors) in Finance/Insurance/Risk Management; an MBA (Honors) in Knowledge and Learning Management; and a BS (Honors) in Business Management.  He also recently served as board director and chief executive officer for a national identity theft recovery firm.  Additionally, Mr. Konzen is the founder of the Zeta Rho chapter of Sigma Iota Epsilon and serves as its current president.  He is a Fellow in the Council on Ethical Billing, actively serves as the conference proceedings editor and on two additional Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP) national board committees. He is an active member of the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA), Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP), Public Risk and Insurance Management Association (PRIMA), Academy of Management (AOM), the American Management Association (AMA), Phi Delta Kappa International, and Sigma Iota Epsilon (SIE).  He holds an active Property & Casualty Insurance Broker License and a Life Insurance License in both California and Arizona.

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Dan Konzen
Posted over 4 years ago
Has a TED Talk ever influenced you? How?
Ted Talk constantly influences who I am every day. I was introduced to Ted Talk a few years ago and one of the first memorable presentations that changed how I approach challenges in my life and how I teach in the classroom is Benjamin Zander on music and passion. This talk was absolutely amazing and shows the importance of being passionate about what we do and how it carries over to others.