Sandra Lopulalan

Arnhem, Netherlands

About Sandra


Having been born as the youngest of five Eurasian children from a Dutch mother and an Indonesian father, both the rational as well as the emotional are equally present in my personality. An avid writer and reader from a very young age, I have always enjoyed reading literature immensely. Wanting to become a writer I went to Amsterdam University to study English literature, only to find out that writing is not a hobby or a job, but a gift. Feeling not good enough to start writing literature, I started writing everything else, from news bytes to copy for ads, brochures, web pages, training material. I ended up being a marketer, and found out that the art of analyzing novels applies to analyzing markets and consumers to a certain extent. Marketing and writing have in common that one is able to influence the receiving party. In marketing one influences perception, in literature one influences imagination. My dream is to write that one classic novel one day and be able to leave a legacy to the world, if not entertain them whilst reading it. In this gloomy era with messages of doom, environmental threats, war on terror and political stress in different areas of the world, it is a great wealth to be able to spend time in a sphere of creativity, freedom, inspiration and open mindedness. I attended TEDx in Amsterdam in November 2009 and the attendees, as well as the long waiting list proved to me that there is a new counter movement coming up with rejuvenating ideas that create instead of cause fear or destruction. I would very much like to be an active player in that field.


Dutch, English

TED Conferences

TEDWomen 2015, TEDGlobal 2012, TEDGlobal 2011, TEDGlobal 2010

Areas of Expertise

Marketing Strategy, Branding/Marketing, Ideation & project management: Creative Indu, Copywriting & Speechwriting

I'm passionate about

integrity and authenticity. I like working and interacting with sincere and positive people, who see opportunities and possibilities in every circumstance.

Talk to me about

You - who are you and what makes you tick? People - why do people often behave in extremes, if all we ultimately want is stability and peace? Why - never stop wondering.

People don't know I'm good at

analyzing novels, photography, connecting people, listening.

Favorite talks