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After engineering graduation at ITA I worked in communications, transportation system control, lighting and electronics industry, control systems engineering, quality management, research and development management, and then taught business management at PUC Campinas.


English, Portuguese

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Control system design, education, Business Administration

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Our world is what we think, what we think is our world.

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classical music, opera, literature, philosophy

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Durval Castro
Posted almost 3 years ago
When, How and Why have your most strongly held views changed?
Translation: Hllo, my dear. My opinion has changed concerning being well socially. I thought being well meant to have a car, being able to travel whenever I wanted, having friends available, and all those thing melted into ruins as a sand castle. I see things transforming scaringly fast. Everithing is very relative. Whatever is good for me may not be so for you and so on... Well, do you know what I really see? Whatever you do is valuable if a love feeling is present.Nothing else. As easy as water from a river spring, whose mission is to flw into the ocean. Kisses, my dear.