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CEO/Founding Partner, Cinemahead
Karlstad, Italy

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daniel alegi
Posted 3 months ago
Ed Yong: Suicidal crickets, zombie roaches and other parasite tales
I recently spent time in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Of all the creatures I saw, the most fascinating was a cockroach carcass driven from within by a parasite fungus up to a strategic final resting spot on a plant. There the slave vehicle became a tree-house for this deadly hitcher. I've had this beautiful weird image on my phone ever since: pic.twitter.com/yJHCzcxGsP Ed, thank you. I've shared your talk in the context of developing ideas and process for audience engagement and transformative education. Kudos for how you mix humor, a tight script, pace, flow and performance awareness. You know the wow-factor your story can deliver, you treat others to their own discoveries, you transform the dark unfamiliar into a quirky journey of wonder and light.