George Mathew

Principal Business Consultant, Infosys Australia
Sydney Nsw, Australia

About George

An idea worth spreading

I believe the role of governments and NGOs is to create networking opportunities for social innovation and inclusive growth through private entrepreneurship. For countries at peace, as developed nations are participating in reducing the carbon emission levels of developing countries, the developed world should set up an development network for free flow of resources, expertise and fulfillment opportunities to support inclusive growth in the world’s poorest nations. I still cannot fathom why 25,000 children should die every day of preventable disease, hunger and starvation. In 2009, economic stimulus package in the US alone totaled more than $800 billion dollars. Such obscene amounts of money will never be spent in eliminating hunger, disease and poverty.

I'm passionate about

Providing ways to crisis affected people to develop their own solutions rather than offering them solutions from a boardroom or government headquarters miles away.

Comments & conversations

George Mathew
Posted over 3 years ago
Africa does not need any more aid to develop, it needs moral support and guidance to harness her resources to develop
Having lived in Africa for 9 years I cannot agree more. The preception that Western Aid to Africa is a pure humanitarian gesture is bunkum. Oil companies plundering Nigeria's oil resources in cohoots with corrupt Nigerians is well known. Exploitation of Congolese tin miners by middlemen and the electronics industry is another example. At the same time, Africans should stop winching about colonial role in drawing national boundaries and forced tribal integration. They need to stand up on their own like Ghana has done. To use an African expression "to fend for themselves".
George Mathew
Posted almost 4 years ago
Joel Burns: A message to gay teens: It gets better
Sound advice for anyone going through circumstances Joel mentions. Teens are insecure, lonely, dejected, and not able to understand themselves not because they are gay but because progressively time and time again as a society we have removed values that bound humanity together away from our homes, schools and public offices. Children learn from adults. When the husband loves his wife and vice versa, when a parent loves his/her children then a child is secure in the home and then he/she will be secure outside the home. When the home is dysfunctional society is dysfunctional. Lets go back to the basics.
George Mathew
Posted almost 6 years ago
Parag Khanna: Mapping the future of countries
A discussion on national borders being a very sensitive subject will be contested. I am curious to know why India was ignored. India may not be as explicit as China is but is a powerful influence in South Asia and Asia in general that should not be ignored.