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Nicole Potter
Posted over 2 years ago
What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?
I observe multi-faceted challenges (for jobs spec): -Institutionalized systems & values that perpetuate "success" as being defined by (& measured with) culturally-narrow & -exclusive markers. -A contradiction in expectations: whereas a dynamic, well-rounded person is able to offer depth, wisdom & a diverse perspective/experience, the underlying perception that "jack of all trades, master of none" often wins out in reality. Creatives have to segment or promote one skill at a time lest they appear unprofessional or "flaky." -Movement away from or lack of mentorship, apprenticing, etc. Many creative skills are learned on the job through hands-on experience, however educational systems & career paths have made slower steps towards including, supporting or developing non-traditional/non-academic learning methods or styles. -Stereotypes of creative fields/people PLUS the reduction/lack of well-funded or -supported arts education in schools combine to undermine creative careers as being accessible, profitable, respectable, etc. -Lack of diverse, flexible & sustainable career options, across ALL sectors, for ALL stages of one's career. At some point in their careers most creatives are faced with the dreaded decision between creativity/fulfillment/freedom vs. finance/health/stability needs. -Lack of transparent, formalized, and/or stable work systems (i.e., healthcare, insurance, compensation, benefits, professional development, etc.) leads to negative competition, financial instability, stunted growth & segregation of disciplines. -Disconnection between "artistic" traits/strengths/assets/perspective and traditional workforce traits or values. Ex.: the retail/fashion/media/entertainment worlds offer well-paid, stable employment for a huge slice of the creative workforce, but the nature of those business models (being focused on the almighty dollar) is almost always foreign/difficult for a creative person to acclimate or "succeed" in. -EQUAL ACCESS FOR ALL to the arts!