ana maria avellaneda velasco

Designer, EstudioEscarlata
Bogota, Colombia

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English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Drawing, TextileDesign, Fine Art painting, Web Design, Cooking fabulous meals with next to no ingrediaents

I'm passionate about

Everithing which is beatifull... good sensations and people I love

People don't know I'm good at

I am really good doing make up, I am good helping others to solve issues,

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ana maria avellaneda velasco
Posted almost 3 years ago
Can we really become happier? Happier ourselves? Can we create happier places to work? Or even happier societies?
I think happiness is something you have to learn, you have to grow and get yourself in a place where you can understand really who you are, I really think we came into this world to learn how to be happy, and that is a process you can not live alone, so you have to build relationships with the others, with your enviroment and so. So we can create happy places? of course we can, a whole society, we can also, not easy task, but it is the challenge!!
ana maria avellaneda velasco
Posted over 3 years ago
Jessi Arrington: Wearing nothing new
I think she tells much more about so many things, than about clothes. She tells about making a statement about who she is and who she wants to be for herself, for others and for the environment. Fabric is a second skin, and you don`t have clothes, you live and move into them, why not to be unique and at the same time be part of everything? and of course, be beautiful, optimistic, and self confident? She did not find her own voice, but her own skin.
ana maria avellaneda velasco
Posted about 5 years ago
Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off
I am starting a new project in my life, my own company, for the moment I have no regular job, I am doing freelance, teaching at the university and the rest of the time, thinking, planning, designing for my new project. This year has been a lot like a sabbatical year, and makes me think about once I have my company, my studio, going on, this brakes will be important to keep on producing innovative ideas and generating new projects in my life. This talk almost made cry, since I have been feeling really lost during last two weeks, but i realize now, it is a process, sometimes it si good to slow down a bit.