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Meghan Parsons is a marketing, public relations, fundraising, and development specialist, concentrating in non-profit organizations and a professional psychic medium. A member of TED, she has been the licensee of TEDxChemungRiver since 2011 annually curating a one-day event showcasing upwards of 15 speakers and performers with a team of community-minded volunteers. She has studied branding, event planning, and speaker coaching internationally with world-renowned leaders. Meghan earned certificates in Competent Communication and Competent Leadership from Toastmasters International and is a club charter president. She holds a BA in Communications and Leadership from the State University of New York @ Oswego. She is a TED fanatic! Having attended TEDActive 2009, 2010 & 2013 and TEDxSummit 2012, Meghan shares TED and TEDx energy with people all over the world. She loves bringing the TED platform to her local region through TEDxChemungRiver. Empowering community volunteers to put on an inspiring event and helping people with ideas to share them locally and with the world is an amazing adventure that she enjoys immensely. In her spare time, Meghan can be found backpacking, hanging out on her family’s farm and attending local events. She’s also a coffee snob who will drive miles out of the way to enjoy a great cup in a comfy, cool atmosphere.



TED Conferences

TEDActive 2013, TEDActive 2010, TEDActive 2009

Areas of Expertise

Fundraising & Development, Event Organizer/Event Planner, Community Development, Volunteer Management, Inspirational Leader

I'm passionate about

Helping others develop through discovering what they are passionate about so they can make positive impacts on the world and be the best they can be.



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What you are passionate about. And how TED has changed your life.

My TED story

On September 24, 2007, Netflix shipped the documentary "TED: The Future We Will Create" to my home. Little did I know then that my life would be forever changed and enhanced by TED and the TED community. The last five years have been filled with exciting conferences, meeting amazing people from all over the world, receiving awesome books in the mail, watching TONS of TEDTalks, being a part of something that is changing the world for the better and organizing TEDxChemungRiver. I cannot imagine my world without TED. I am so thankful...

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Meghan Parsons
Posted over 3 years ago
John Bohannon: Dance vs. powerpoint, a modest proposal
Very creative! I am so tired of the overuse and poor use of PowerPoint. I checked out the website he mentioned (http://gonzolabs.org/dance). It’s a pretty cool concept. My friend at work said, “Ha. It’s nerds gone wild!” True, but I love our nerds. And if this is a way we can help them express what they are thinking so more of us can understand, then I’m totally for it.