About Arava


I was born in Jerusalem, a city so filled with emotions you just can stay indifferent. So I'm not. I love life. Love traveling. Backpacked South America for 8 months. I love to write, but most of all I love people. I'm learning to be a tour guide.
I have a lot to say about, basically, everything- so feel free!


English, Hebrew

Areas of Expertise

Communications, communities and social tools, Community Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Happiness & Optimism, Laughing, playing and enjoying life, Laughter Yoga , tourist guide, Tourism Geography: Backpacking & Education

An idea worth spreading

Happiness through communication, my theory is, that If we would communicate more with the strangers around us- we would be happier. And we would make others happy. with the people at work, the next door neighbor, the person next to you on the bus, the man on the elevator or the cashier in the supermarket.
All of those are examples of moments that has opportunities to communicate, and to make ourselves and someone else happier
Why doesn’t it happen usually? How can we make it happen?
I'm working on it now- but we can start buy talking about it and raising awareness.

I'm passionate about

Happiness through communication.

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Yourselves - I'd be interested

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