marlow gillham

Galway, Ireland

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I have been a song writer, performing and recording artist, for the past 30 years.
I give around 100 performances a year.I live on the west coast of Ireland with my pianist girlfriend and 2 dogs.

An idea worth spreading

The freedom of the slave is believing.

I'm passionate about

Creating and designing our own futures, through a combination of imagination faith and exercise.

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The mind, the brain, the soul, music and popular culture.

People don't know I'm good at

Drawing pictures of lions.

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marlow gillham
Posted about 4 years ago
As a TEDx organizer please share a best practices, an innovation, something incredible or something useful from your TEDx event.
The key to a successful TEDx event is an afterthought, or maybe a hunch..They must commit to ..nothing in particular, or maybe..the talk of their, take a random audience of anyone (or no one in particular) who are doing whatever they fancy that day..The result will be, whatever... In fact "whatever will be will be".. Then Let it Die..After all, Why harp on about it?