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I studied translation at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and have been working as a free-lance translator since 1994. During all these yearsI have translated many and many pages, mainly from German and French into Italian. What I like most are articles for newspapers, novels and essays. I also have my own blog that I have been writing for the past year and a half. I live in Torino but travel as much as I can, and that makes a great part of my life experience.


French, German, Italian, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Literature, Art, Music, Travelling

An idea worth spreading

Translators are authors, the images they have when they interprete a writer's words are unique and their cultural and linguistic translation is unique, too. So ideally there is one perfect translator for every author: I found out about that while translating my last novel, where the main character had my first name, was my age, was listening to my music and was living a great love story just like I was. And the book tells about events that occured in my childhood. It was an epiphany to me that my incounscious thoughts had led me to a translation that would have been different had I not been the person I was at the time I was doing that job. Obvious? Sure. But that's when I realized I was not "simply translating" but actually writing, in my own words, a book. And the Italian readers (not many, I know, but still) will live the story only through me. Isn't that exciting?

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people, travelling, books, jazz, movies, art, photography


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people, literature, art, economy, jazz, music, love, writing

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knitting, cooking, listening, making jewellery