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Hoboken, NJ, United States

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Tamas Eisenberger
Posted over 3 years ago
Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future
... stockholders get part of the profit, and suggested by the concept of a free economy, what does not get spent, gets saved and gets reallocated to new productive uses. These "stockholders" - some of the biggest of which are pension funds, mutual funds and endowments - allocate this profit to places like companies, where products are made and services are provided that society needs. This way these companies with their ideas and products can develop, grow and evolve. And they can charge as much for these products and services as much their use is to society. And exactly that much. As long as the company's products and services are needed, they can charge a profit. And give a part of those profits to stockholders... The best system we have come up with so far.