roger parent

founding president,
Montreal, Canada

About roger


Roger is engaged in innovation and interactive scenography, moving architecture for public spaces, entertainemnt and museums.
In addition to his one-of-a-kind scenographic design projects, Parent has worked on more than 5,000 shows in America, Europe and Asia as creative director, technical director to designer and producer. He has collaborated as executive producer to secure the Cirque du Soleil creative development and presence in Las Vegas for both Nouvelle Experience at the Mirage and Mystère currently at Treasure Island that set the pace for the unprecedented explosion of CDS signature. He was in charge of production for the USA tours of Alegrìa and Saltimbanco and opened the two first tours in Japan (Fascination and Saltimbanco). He headed as vice president of CDS the revolutionary production model that transformed CDS from a single touring show troupe to a multi show company present on several continents. He has since then worked with Robert Lepage, Guy Caron, Francois Confino, Antoni Miralda and many cutting edge cultural thinkers.
New partners enclude Tout-a-trac street performances and numerous projetcs in museology.Triggering a project on URBAN ANIMALS.
Interactive technology for the Metropolitan Opera in New York for the Ring, scenography for a Train, and interactive video for Mickael Jackson tour by Cirque du Soleil.
Board member of MUTEK.


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Art, Entertainment, scenography, moving architecture

An idea worth spreading

Meaningful entertaiment. New technologies applied to art. Nomad expression. Art as a tool to change biased perceptions of how others live.

I'm passionate about

Out of the box thinker, socially responsable and innovative.
Passionate about what makes life exiting and worth sharing; culture, food, nature and ideas. Lecturing about managing Creativity.

Talk to me about

Altruism, generosity, deeds that make a difference. Social entrepreneurs.

People don't know I'm good at

Join unrelated ideas together to form new perspectives on complex issues. Formating experiences into emotional art projects. Creating fertile territories for concepts to emerge.

My TED story

Giving lectures on how to manage creativity in organizations and to foster creativity in individuals. Applying scenography methods to carry meaning into urban fabric and transportation modes. Guest speaker at York University in Toronto, Carnegie Melon's Entertainment Technology Center in Pittsburg, and Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Montréal.

Comments & conversations

roger parent
Posted over 4 years ago
Has a TED Talk ever influenced you? How?
In august 2007, I received this email form you. Dear TEDizens, I'm pleased to tell you that today we're premiering the first online talks… Over the coming months we'll continue to release ever more of these talks. These represent just the tip of the iceberg... All best, Chris Anderson, TED Curator, 
Emeka Okafor, Conference Director To access such a wealth of knowledge without the need to travel to the conference was great, This welcomed way into the energy and foresight of TED speakers was information based, and sometimes inspirational. Then one day, I viewed: Eddi Reader I was completely taken, I found myself shaking and sobbing over the unbalance of what was given to me versus what I had actually given back. As executive producer of five Cirque du Soleil shows and of ‘Ulalena in Hawaii, I felt these isolated efforts were not enough. Suddenly TED became "emotion based". Your choice to link us all through WHAT YOU’VE GOT was pivotal . It moved me from emotion to action, and has had long lasting staying power, especially during the recent economic downturn and loss of friend and family to sickness. I am now involved with many projects helping others doing things that count. TED talks kept the promise, the “iceberg” is revealed and it stands as “what matters the most”. Let’s not let it melt.